The Kia EV5 concept that the company unveiled at Chinese EV Day.
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Kia unveils Concept EV5, a Production model to be launched in China later this year.

The Kia Concept EV5 is a prelude to Kia’s next dedicated EV model as a leading sustainable mobility solutions provider.

In a major announcement at Kia Chinese EV Day, Kia Corporation unveiled its latest offering, the Concept EV5. The all-electric SUV concept was the highlight of the event, showcasing the company’s vision to establish itself as a global leader in electrification.

The Concept EV5 is inspired by Kia’s ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy, which blends contrasting elements to create a unique and harmonious aesthetic. The production model of the Kia EV5 will be released first in the Chinese market later this year. Details regarding any future plans for the other global markets will be made in due course.

The sleek and modern design of the Concept EV5 is a clear indication of the new design direction that Kia is taking for its future fully electric models. The vehicle’s sharp lines and futuristic features give it a distinct personality that is sure to turn heads on the road.

Kia’s design team has been galvanized by the ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy, which celebrates the creative tension formed by combining contrasting visual influences of nature and modernity. This philosophy has influenced the design of the Concept EV5, particularly the ‘Bold for Nature’ pillar, which has created a unique SUV for those seeking a borderless life where nature and the city are seamlessly integrated.

The Concept EV5 boasts a progressive look from all angles, yet still retains its authenticity as a member of the Kia family. The Digital Tiger Face at the front of the vehicle projects a clean, dignified, and robust appearance while paying homage to the famous Kia Tiger Nose grille. This confident new design is integrated with Kia’s Star Map signature lighting technology, which introduces the concept of a constellation connecting stars to a clean face.

The futuristic flowing pattern created by the digital lighting extends down the side of the Concept EV5, solidifying its status as a pure EV. The SUV’s sculpted lines, square fenders, and powerful stance exude a serene sense of strength that is amplified by the paintwork finish inspired by a rich, formidable hue found in nature - Iceberg matte green. Completing the picture are striking 21-inch wheels and an aerodynamic-enhancing roof spoiler.

The completely flat floor and the generous space found within the cabin of Kia EV5 create a ‘space of coexistence,’ where nature, people, and technology can come together in harmony. Combined with the design themes of Healing, Caring, and Re-Charging, the interior of Concept EV5 provides the perfect environment for occupants to relax.

The interior color palette brings calmness and purity, while the center fascia emphasizes the philosophy of ‘Bold for Nature’ through the application of contrasting materials, while the large, wide panoramic display provides greater levels of content for occupants to enjoy.

The Concept EV5 achieves a boundless design that blurs the boundaries between outdoor and indoor spaces. Innovative swivel seats enable occupants to sit in tranquility, and, depending on where they have parked, enjoy uninterrupted views of the scenery around them. As darkness falls, the wide, full-length panoramic sunroof, which also acts as solar panels, provides the perfect opportunity for occupants to enjoy the stars as they emerge in the sky above. The advanced bridge lighting technology within the SUV can be adjusted to suit the needs and reflect the moods of the occupants.

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