Kia introduces revolutionary software defined vehicle technology with its flagship EV9 SUV.
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Kia introduces revolutionary software defined vehicle technology with its flagship EV9 SUV.

Customers can now remotely purchase and install on-demand features and services through the Kia Connect Store, paving the way for a new era of mobility.

Kia Motors, a South Korean automaker, has introduced its Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) technology through its newly launched flagship electric SUV, the EV9. The SDV technology offers customers the ability to purchase and install new software functions remotely through over-the-air (OTA) software updates, based on their individual needs. This innovative feature is made possible by the EV9’s electrical/electronic (E/E) architecture, which allows for easy and efficient OTA software updates.

The EV9 is the first Kia model to offer a range of digital features and services accessible through the Kia Connect Store. This store offers various on-demand services, including Highway Driving Pilot (HDP), which provides conditional Level 3 autonomous driving. Kia plans to continuously introduce new services through the Kia Connect Store, providing personalized experiences and new value for customers through advanced SDV technology.

Last October, Hyundai Motor Group announced its future roadmap for SDV, which highlights the safe and comfortable freedom of movement offered by software. Upgradable software can enhance vehicle functions, including safety, convenience, connectivity, security, and driving performance, to offer innovative customer experiences. By embracing the latest technology, Kia is paving the way for a new era of mobility, providing customers with personalized, cutting-edge experiences.

The introduction of SDV technology in the EV9 signals Kia’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. It allows customers to tailor their vehicles to their specific needs and preferences, and offers the potential for enhanced safety and convenience features. This move also reflects the automotive industry’s increasing shift towards software-defined vehicles and the importance of staying ahead of the curve in terms of technological advancements.

The EV9 stands out for its enhanced OTA software update capability, which sets it apart from previous models. Not only can the vehicle’s core components be updated, but its convenience features can also be customized, allowing for endless possibilities as an SDV.

Thanks to this expanded capability, various functions and convenience specifications can be added or updated wirelessly, without the need for a separate equipment connection to the vehicle. This is made possible by wireless communication between the cloud server and the EV9, which enables control unit software updates to be performed remotely, without the need for customers to visit a service center.

In line with the Group’s SDV strategy, the vehicle control units have been integrated into four functional areas, based on a domain centralized architecture. This integration process has significantly reduced the number of control units, resulting in a robust technological foundation for efficient vehicle function and performance upgrades.

Kia is pushing the boundaries in delivering a tailored vehicle experience to its customers. The company has recently unveiled Hyundai Motor Group’s first-ever on-demand service with the launch of the Kia EV9, which can be accessed through the Kia Connect Store.

The Kia Connect Store provides an array of features, including the Remote Smart Parking Assist 2, which allows drivers to park and exit their vehicle remotely. The store also boasts the Lighting Pattern feature, which offers five different display modes for the two clusters of small cube lamps affixed to the front of the SUV. The goal is to expand the range of high-tech features available in the future.

Customers now have unparalleled freedom and flexibility to select and purchase the features they desire from anywhere and at any time. Through the Kia Connect Store website, customers can easily peruse and choose their preferred features, without being constrained by the limitations of their initial purchase specifications.

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