Hyundai CRADLE and itselectric partner to deploy curbside chargers for EVs in New York City
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Hyundai CRADLE and itselectric partner to deploy curbside chargers for EVs in New York City.

itselectric teams up with Hyundai CRADLE and the NYC Economic Development Corporation to demonstrate its innovative curbside EV charging network for urban cities, featuring fully detachable charging cords and revenue sharing for residential property owners.

Brooklyn-based electric vehicle curbside charging company, itselectric, has announced a strategic partnership with Hyundai CRADLE and New York City Economic Development Corporation to demonstrate curbside EV charging specifically built for cities. This is a major milestone for the company, which has created the first compact, durable, and user-friendly charge post featuring a fully detachable charging cord in North America - making it ideal for urban city use.

This partnership will enable itselectric to demonstrate its charging network to a larger audience and help cities meet their carbon reduction targets. The company’s unique revenue-sharing model for residential property owners makes it a more attractive option for people looking to switch to electric vehicles.

The pilot program will see six charging posts deployed across two locations: The Brooklyn Army Terminal and Steiner Studios starting in spring 2023. For two months, all six charging posts will be user-tested by publicly recruited EV drivers local to the area, allowing drivers to validate and inform a for-market product. All six posts will remain operational for an additional four months following the initial pilot.

This is a significant step towards democratizing electric vehicle technology and expanding market access to electric vehicles. By bringing EV charging to new urban neighborhoods, itselectric is enabling more people to make the switch to electric vehicles and reducing the need for infrastructure upgrades to support on-street charging.

The partnership between itselectric, Hyundai CRADLE, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation is a prime example of how public-private partnerships can drive innovation and create a more sustainable future.

The team at Hyundai has been incredibly supportive and we could not have envisioned a better place than Brooklyn, where it all began, to put our first chargers into the ground,” said Nathan King, CEO & Co-Founder of itselectric. “The United States has high goals for electric vehicle adoption, but the country is not currently prepared for what this means in terms of accessible charging. Our technology is specifically built for cities to ensure that every community - no matter the median income or prevalence of driveways and garages - has access to clean transportation.”

Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley is excited to be launching this pilot program in collaboration with HMNA and itselectric,” said Henry Chung, Senior Vice President, Head of Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley. “Curbside charging is an important part of the EV charging ecosystem that can provide access for those who rely on public charging, and we look forward to exploring this opportunity.”

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