Honda to launch ten electric two-wheeler models by 2025.
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Honda to launch ten electric two-wheeler models by 2025.

Honda will launch two electric two-wheeler models for commercial purposes. It is also developing a battery swapping technology for electric rickshaws in India.

Honda has revealed its plan to accelerate the electrification of two-wheelers. In its plan, Honda has mentioned that the company will launch more than ten new electric two-wheeler models by 2025 that will accommodate a wide range of products, ranging from small commuter models to large fun models.

The company has aimed to reach annual electric motorcycle sales of 1 million units within the next five years and 3.5 million units (approximately 15% of total sales) as of 2030.

With the new range of products, Honda will launch electric two-wheelers made specifically for commercial purposes such as last-mile delivery. The commercial two-wheelers will be equipped with the Mobile Power Pack (MPP) swappable batteries. The company will launch two commercial EV models between 2024 and 2025 in Asia, Europe, and Japan.

Honda is also working on electric motorcycles. By 2024, it will launch five compact and affordable electric motorcycle models in Asia, Europe, Japan, and China.

In addition to commuter EVs, the Japanese company is actively developing electrified models in the “FUN” category. Based on its FUN EV platform currently under development, Honda plans to introduce three large-size FUN EV models in Japan, the US, and Europe between 2024 and 2025. It will also introduce the Kids Fun EV model.

In its EV plan, Honda revealed that it is working to apply the Monozukuri concept to EVs. The company will develop and apply electric motorcycle platforms that combine the three core components for electric vehicles – the battery, PCU, and motor– with the motorcycle body.

For all the upcoming electric models, Honda is developing an all-solid-state battery. The company also revealed that apart from developing the charging infrastructure, it is working toward battery-sharing technology.

By the end of this year, Honda will launch a battery-sharing service for electric rickshaws in India. It is also working with a partner company in India to develop a standardized battery swapping technology.

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