Gogoro launches battery swapping platform and smartscooters in Delhi NCR.
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Gogoro launches battery swapping platform and smartscooters in Delhi NCR.

Gogoro has partnered with Zypp Electric aims to accelerate sustainable last-mile deliveries and support India's electric vehicle growth.

Global technology leader, Gogoro Inc., has launched its award-winning battery swapping platform and Smartscooters in Delhi NCR as part of a pilot program with India’s leading EV-as-a-Service platform, Zypp Electric. The launch includes four battery swapping stations in Gurgaon and two in Delhi, aimed at accelerating the adoption of sustainable last-mile deliveries.

Gogoro’s 6-second Swap & Go battery swapping technology eliminates traditional EV charging challenges such as finding places to charge and waiting to charge. This makes it an ideal solution for last-mile deliveries where vehicles are often on the road all day without time to stop and charge. The entire process of 6-seconds swap offered by Gogoro is quicker than a typical refueling stop on an ICE-powered motorcycle or scooter.

India’s sales of electric vehicles have recently experienced remarkable growth of 58%, crossing the million mark, with electric two-wheelers holding a 62% market share. This unprecedented growth in clean mobility highlights the potential of the segment. However, for it to be successful, it must be supported with a convenient, safe and scalable way to provide riders with quick access to charged batteries.

The launch of Gogoro’s battery swapping platform and Smartscooters in Delhi NCR is an exciting development for the Indian electric vehicle market. The technology offers a sustainable and efficient solution for last-mile deliveries, which is essential for meeting the increasing demand for eco-friendly transportation.

Marking entry into the fastest growing EV market in India, Horace Luke, founder and CEO of Gogoro said, “Gogoro is accelerating the urban shift to sustainable electric two-wheel transportation in India and we are committed to fostering an open and diverse ecosystem of businesses and riders that will usher in a new era of accessible smart mobility in India. Gogoro battery swapping provides a safe, proven and convenient electric refuelling solution that enables delivery operators to manage their fleets and deliveries more efficiently and sustainably. We are confident that Gogoro battery swapping will be well-received by Indian delivery riders.”

Imagine the potential of a 6-second swap in growing EV-led last-mile deliveries where Zypp Electric is already doing 1 delivery every second. This partnership with Gogoro, a Global EV Player with its state-of-the-art swapping stations technology will surely boost the number of deliveries per day and earnings for delivery executives and give them the confidence to go the extra mile,” said Akash Gupta, CEO and co-founder of Zypp Electric. “The icing on the cake will be that every delivery will be decarbonized. We are looking at a revolution in the Indian EV industry and this partnership will be a must-watch in this transition. Excited to start this pilot together with Gogoro to get learning in creating the most suited product for the Indian market.”

Speaking on Gogoro’s India partnerships, Gogoro General Manager for India, Kaushik Burman, said “India is a critical market for Gogoro and with the launch of our B2B pilot with Zypp, we are confident that we can bring the best-in-class EV technology and infrastructure to the Indian market. Our ongoing partnerships, especially in the last mile mobility space, are a testament to our commitment to the region and we look forward to expanding our business in the country and scaling our operations.”

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