The Ford Explorer EV, which will be available only in Europe.
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Ford unveils new electric crossover, the Explorer EV, exclusively for the European market.

Built on Volkswagen Group's MEB platform, the Ford Explorer EV features a unique interior design and pricing under €45,000.

Ford has announced the release of the Explorer EV, a new electric crossover built exclusively for the European market. The vehicle is priced at €45,000 and is expected to be available in both AWD and RWD configurations.

The Explorer EV is significantly different from its namesake, the internal combustion engine-powered Explorer. It is smaller, with seating for five instead of seven, and features a number of unique interior features. These include a large 15-inch screen that can tilt to reduce glare, capacitive buttons throughout the dash and a large compartment that can store and recharge two smartphones.

The Explorer EV is being built in Cologne, Germany, and is one of two vehicles that Ford is producing using Volkswagen Group’s all-electric “MEB” platform. The collaboration between Ford and Volkswagen on electric and autonomous vehicles was first announced in 2019, with the goal of getting vehicles to market more quickly.

This E-SUV will be offered in two trims: Explorer and Explorer Premium, with a starting price of less than 45,000 euros. However, Ford has not yet released details about the vehicle’s expected range or other performance statistics.

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