Fisker Ocean nears production readiness with regulatory certifications and adjusted production strategy.
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Fisker Ocean nears production readiness with regulatory certifications and adjusted production strategy.

Fisker Ocean completes FMVSS testing and pursues EPA certification as it alters production strategy to avoid inventory build-up.

Fisker, the EV manufacturer, announced that its Fisker Ocean has completed all necessary FMVSS testing required for self-certification with the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The vehicle also meets the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) standards for a 5-star rating. Fisker utilized an internationally recognized agency to conduct the testing.

The Fisker Ocean, which recently received WLTP certification in Europe, has a range of 707 km/440 miles for its Extreme trim level with 20” wheels, making it the longest range of any battery-electric SUV currently available in Europe. Fisker expects full European regulatory approval by the end of April, with customer deliveries to follow.

The company is also pursuing a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to validate the Ocean Extreme range. The company has provided the EPA with a complete vehicle description and range test data recorded during a rolling road test at an independent, third-party test laboratory.

In addition, Fisker is pursuing a California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification in California and 17 other jurisdictions in the US. The company anticipates that the EPA will confirm the estimated 350-mile range for the Ocean Extreme, but is awaiting a firm date for the certification. Fisker is utilizing a dual-homologation approach for Europe and the US, with European deliveries preceding those in North America.

Fisker has made changes to its production strategy to prevent the accumulation of inventory that cannot be delivered in Europe or the US. In the first quarter, the company shifted away from its original plan to build 300 vehicles and instead constructed some units for internal use to ensure production readiness.

Fisker is now set to ramp up production on April 20, 2023, for vehicles slated for delivery in Europe. The units intended for the US market will have a separate ramp-up, which is estimated to commence during the first week of May. Fisker aims to have these vehicles ready to ship before receiving the necessary approvals from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

By adjusting its production strategy, Fisker hopes to avoid the financial impact of having unsold inventory, particularly in light of the uncertainties surrounding regulatory approvals. The company’s approach also allows for greater flexibility and responsiveness to changes in market demand and regulatory requirements.

This strategy ensures we can maintain a steady production ramp and have a sufficient quantity of vehicles ready for initial deliveries in Europe and the US while avoiding the cost of vehicle storage until approvals arrive,” Henrik Fisker said. “Homologating simultaneously places an extra workload on our teams, but we are utilizing the benefits of an agile organization by opportunistically shifting our plans and delivering vehicles in Europe first. I appreciate the patience of our reservation holders and am excited to get vehicles in the hands of our customers.”

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