First Fisker Ocean SUV delivered.
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First Fisker Ocean SUV delivered.

The first customer of the all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV took delivery of their new vehicle today in Denmark.

California-based electric vehicle manufacturer, Fisker Inc. has announced that it has delivered its first Ocean all-electric SUV to a customer. The lucky owner received their vehicle from none other than Henrik Fisker, the company’s Chairman and CEO, at the newly-opened Fisker Center+ facility in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The SUV in question was a limited Ocean One launch edition model, complete with a stunning Great White exterior finish, 22″ AirGlider Black alloy wheels, and an interior that featured white AlcantaraTM seats and a Sea Salt color scheme. The company’s flagship SUV is notable for offering the highest driving range of any battery-electric SUV currently available on the European market.

According to Fisker, the Ocean One- and Extreme-specification models offer confirmed WLTP ranges of 707km/440 UK miles on 20″ wheels and tires and 701km/436 UK miles on 22″ optional wheels and tires, respectively. These impressive figures should put to rest any concerns about the practicality of electric vehicles, particularly for those with longer commutes or who enjoy long-distance road trips.

The delivery of the first Ocean SUV is a significant milestone for the company, which has been working to establish itself as a leading player in the electric vehicle market. With a growing number of consumers looking to make the switch to cleaner, more sustainable transportation options, Fisker’s focus on range and design could make it an attractive option for those in the market for a new vehicle.

“I’m super excited to be in Copenhagen to hand over the first Fisker Ocean,” said Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker.

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