The EXEED RX PHEV model which will be launched in Brazil to cater to the growing demand for greener modes of transportation.
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EXEED to launch new energy vehicles in Brazil and invest Billions in R&D.;

EXEED has developed three top-selling models, including one PHEV and two BEV models for the Brazilian market.

EXEED, a subsidiary of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd, has announced plans to launch a range of new energy vehicles in the Brazilian market to cater to the growing demand for greener modes of transportation. After conducting extensive research on the Brazilian market, the company has developed three top-selling models, including one PHEV and two BEV models.

The PHEV model RX is equipped with the latest generation of DHT hybrid configuration, while the two BEV models, E03 and E0Y, are based on the latest automotive platform of E0X. In the future, EXEED plans to introduce more models based on the dual-tech roadmap of BEV+PHEV to provide upscale new energy solutions to consumers.

To achieve these goals, EXEED has earmarked over 100 billion yuan for research and development over the next five years. The company will establish 300 Yaoguang labs, which will focus mainly on the E0X vehicle platform R&D, as well as other essential technologies such as hybrid exclusive engine, DHT hybrid gearbox, electric driving, and batteries.

To ensure that EXEED products are equipped with advanced driver assistance and intelligent cockpit features, Yaoguang labs will provide EEA4.0 structure. Additionally, the company is gradually working towards realizing the all-scenario auto-driving function.

EXEED has achieved self-sufficiency in power battery and drive module technology, and has fully mastered the complete vehicle development process. As a result, the company has built a series of simulation platforms and improved technical capabilities in areas such as 32-bit vehicle control, integrated thermal management, heat pump and air conditioning integrated battery pack. While collaborating with major battery producer CATL and Japanese manufacturer YASKAWA, EXEED continues to perfect its supply chain.

The company has also built a super smart factory, which has been officially put into production and is solely dedicated to the production of new energy vehicles. The stamping workshop has achieved full automation, and the wielding workshop has achieved a 100% advanced crafts coverage rate with the help of AI technology and 350 robots. The automation of key processing is efficiently guaranteed by 78 robots and hundreds of automatic control cabinets. Finally, the assembly workshop has realized automatic assembly, transportation, and an intelligent detection network, all in line with international smart factory standards.

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