Exchange your old bike to buy an electric Tork Kratos.
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Exchange your old bike to buy an electric Tork KRATOS.

Tork Motors announced the first-of-its-kind offer in partnership with CredR, in which customers will be able to exchange their old two-wheelers to buy brand-new electric KRATOS.

Pune-based electric motorcycle manufacturer Tork Motors announced the first-of-its-kind offer in partnership with CredR. Under this partnership, customers will be able to exchange their old two-wheelers on CredR’s platform to buy brand-new electric Tork KRATOS.

CredR will inspect the old vehicle on 120+ checkpoints to derive the best-selling value. The exchange value will be discounted from KRATOS’ buying price. The customer will have to pay only the differential amount to own the KRATOS or KRATOS-R. The offer is currently applicable in Pune and Bangalore.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Kapil Shelke, Founder and CEO of Tork Motors said, “This one of its kind proposition is designed especially for Tork Motors’ customers to own their dream electric motorcycle – KRATOS. The collaboration is intended to offer easy accessibility and solution for a cleaner and better mode of transport, along with an element of convivial riding. With CredR, we aim to reach out to a wider consumer base, who are looking to upgrade their current two-wheeler, through a better price proposition. We will continue to partner with key players in the industry to ensure that the electric motorcycles segment is accessible and transcends to larger geographies in the country.”

Sasidhar Nandigam, Co-founder and CEO of CredR, said, “Motorcycle segment is one of the key sectors of the overall automotive Industry. While electric motorcycles are gaining momentum in the rapidly growing EV sector, it has been our endeavour to offer easy access to one of the best electric motorcycle brands in the country. This customer-centric affiliation offers hassle-free accessibility to own the Tork KRATOS, with a simple process. This will also help bring in the paradigm shift in the electric motorcycle market of the overall EV space in India.”

Tork Motors launched its electric motorcycle KRATOS and KRATOS-R in January this year. The KRATOS is priced at ₹1,22,499 [ex-showroom after subsidy in Maharashtra] and is available in white colour only. The KRATOS-R is priced at ₹1,37,499 [ex-showroom after subsidy in Maharashtra]; and comes in four colour options white, blue, red, and black.

Both variants have the same battery pack of 4 kWh and a range of 120 km in Eco mode. In the KRATOS, the max power of the motor is 7500W, and the top speed is 100 km/h. It can accelerate from 0-40 km/h in 4 seconds. It has features like Digital Instrument Cluster, Mobile App Connectivity, In-App Navigation, USB Charging, an Anti-theft system, Active Throttle Control, and Ride Analytics.

The KRATOS-R has a max power output of 9000W, which helps it to accelerate from 0-40 in 3.5 seconds. It has a top speed of 105 km/h and also supports fast charging. It has got all the features of the base variant and has additional features like Geo-Fencing, Motor Walk Assist, TRACK MODE over BLUETOOTH, Track mode analytics, and Smart Analytics.

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