EVgo selected by California Energy Commission to install more than 100 new DC fast charging stalls.
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EVgo selected by California Energy Commission to install more than 100 new DC fast charging stalls.

EVgo awarded $6.6 Million in funding from California Energy Commission for fast-charging infrastructure deployment in California.

EVgo Inc., a leading public fast-charging network for electric vehicles, has been selected for proposed awards of $6.6 million from the California Energy Commission’s California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) 2.0 program. The funding will support the deployment of fast-charging infrastructure in the central and eastern regions of California through the Golden State Priority Project (GSPP), which focuses exclusively on disadvantaged community or low-income community census tracts.

As part of its ongoing commitment to delivering a best-in-class charging experience, EVgo will be deploying high-power 350kW chargers at each of the locations supported through this program. The GSPP was launched in January 2023, and with the proposed funding, EVgo will build more than 100 DC fast charging stalls across 17 locations in central and eastern California, including Fresno, Hayward, Manteca, El Cerrito, Antioch, and San Jose.

More than 40% of EVgo’s existing fast-charging network in California is already located in disadvantaged and/or low-income census tracts. With these 17 fast charging projects, EVgo aims to bring more convenient and affordable charging solutions to neighborhoods that will benefit most from the electrification of transportation.

The GSPP incorporates a number of public funding best practices, including a focus on higher-power equipment and project readiness, prioritizing projects likely to be able to deliver near-term results for Californians.

This initiative is a step towards California’s ambitious goal of having 100% zero-emission passenger vehicles on its roads by 2035. The deployment of high-speed chargers is critical to achieving this goal, and the CALeVIP 2.0 program is playing a crucial role in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in California.

EVgo recognizes the ongoing importance of public-private partnerships to enable rapid EV adoption, and the California Energy Commission is a true leader in incenting market acceleration and private sector investment through programs like CALeVIP 2.0,” said Jonathan Levy, Chief Commercial Officer at EVgo. “EVgo and the CEC share a commitment to Electric for All that includes ensuring fast charging infrastructure is distributed equitably and installed in communities across demographics and geographies.

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