Electrify America and Hyundai announce agreement for complimentary charging for IONIQ 6 owners.
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Electrify America and Hyundai announce agreement for complimentary charging for IONIQ 6 owners.

Two years of 30-minute complimentary charging sessions will be available for IONIQ 6 owners at Electrify America's rapidly growing network of DC fast chargers.

Electrify America has announced an agreement with Hyundai to offer two years of unlimited complimentary charging sessions for the first owners of the all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 6 at Electrify America’s growing network of DC fast chargers. The announcement was made today, and it is expected to benefit drivers of the new Hyundai electric vehicle model.

With this agreement, IONIQ 6 owners will be able to access and locate charging stations using the Electrify America mobile app while on the road. Electrify America will continue to work with Hyundai to support other electric vehicle models, including the Kona Electric and IONIQ 5, providing capable drivers with access to charging speeds of up to 350kW.

The IONIQ 6, set to go on sale in the spring of 2023, boasts an Ultrafast 800-Volt Multi-Charging system, which allows the car to charge from 10 percent to 80 percent in as little as 18 minutes. It has an EPA-estimated driving range of up to 361 miles, making it an attractive option for drivers who want to switch to electric vehicles.

The Electrify America mobile app will provide IONIQ 6 owners with a simple and easy-to-use way to access charging benefits. Through the app, customers can easily locate a charger, initiate a charge, and track their charging sessions.

In addition to the mobile app, Electrify America also offers an at-home charger called HomeStation. This Level 2 home charger can deliver a maximum charge speed of 9.6 kW, providing capable vehicles with up to 33 miles of range per hour of charging. The HomeStation is WiFi-ready, making it easy to integrate with the Electrify America app. With the app, users can schedule charging times and control remote start and stop features, making charging even more convenient for IONIQ 6 owners. However, the HomeStation is available for an additional cost.

Electrify America is making significant strides in advancing the adoption of electric vehicles and instilling confidence in drivers by rapidly expanding its fast-charging network. Currently, the network comprises 800 charging stations, with about 3,500 individual chargers open or with construction completed.

Olabisi Boyle, vice president, product planning and mobility strategy, Hyundai Motor North America, said: The best-in-class and ultra-fast charging IONIQ 6 allows our customers to enjoy a fun EV driving experience. The extended partnership with Electrify America continues to provide our customers with convenient and complimentary access to the fastest charging, especially on long-distance trips.

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