DHL Express Partners with PowerFlex to Electrify Fleet with Intelligent EV Charging Solutions.

415 Level 2 chargers across nine U.S. sites nationally installed by PowerFlex as a Strategic Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Partner to DHL.

DHL Express, the world’s leading provider of international express shipping services, has partnered with PowerFlex, a national provider of intelligent solar, storage, and EV charging solutions for commercial customers. The collaboration has resulted in the successful installation of 415 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) at DHL service center facilities across major U.S. markets.

DHL’s commitment to reducing its climate impact and fostering eco-friendly operations is evident through its partnership with PowerFlex. The innovative EV chargers deployed at DHL service centers are equipped with PowerFlex X, an energy management software that revolutionizes the monitoring, tracking, and reporting of charging activities. By integrating with DHL’s telematics platforms, PowerFlex X optimizes the operations of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

The installation of these chargers marks a significant milestone for DHL, as it becomes the first logistics company to commit to a zero-emissions target. The electrification of its fleet is a crucial component of DHL’s overarching green logistics plan. The strategic partnership with PowerFlex reinforces DHL’s determination to lead the industry in sustainable practices.

PowerFlex has been a key ally for DHL in this transition since the completion of their first installation in 2020. Customizing the EVSE project to align with the specific needs of DHL’s daily delivery operations has been a top priority for PowerFlex. As a result, the chargers have been strategically placed overhead, keeping them out of the vehicles’ path of travel while remaining easily accessible for drivers to plug in at the end of their workday.

To optimize the charging experience and minimize energy demands, PowerFlex recommended the installation of Level 2 (L2) charging stations at each DHL service center. These chargers offer higher reliability, cost-effectiveness, and lower power consumption compared to Level 3 DC Fast Chargers. Furthermore, the flexibility of PowerFlex L2 chargers allows for future expansion or the provision of spare chargers as backups, offering DHL the ability to scale its charging infrastructure.

One notable advantage of PowerFlex’s Level 2 chargers is their integration with Adaptive Load Management (ALM), an intelligent energy management software. ALM ensures that power usage is efficiently balanced across the network of chargers, mitigating expensive spikes in energy demand. By employing ALM, DHL was able to double the number of chargers installed while adhering to the same power limits and utilizing existing onsite utility infrastructure.

In addition to optimizing energy consumption, ALM plays a crucial role in preventing overtaxing the existing electricity grid, making it a grid-friendly EV charging technology. This feature is of utmost importance as the electrification of fleets continues to grow, and the strain on the power grid must be carefully managed.

“At DHL Express, we are always looking for ways to make our operations more sustainable,” said Laurice Bancroft, SVP of Network Operations for DHL Express U.S. “Fleet electrification is one of the many strategies we’ve deployed to reduce our carbon footprint as we work toward our goal of zero-emissions. We selected PowerFlex to complete our EV charging stations because of their deep industry experience that helped us find a creative solution to meet our EV fleet charging needs. We look forward to scaling up our EV fleet and ensuring reliable, eco-friendly deliveries to our customers.”

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