Core Development Group Implements Largest EV Fleet Charging System.
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Core Development Group Implements Largest EV Fleet Charging System.

Collaborating with 20 Local Electric Utility Companies, Core Development Group Powers the Future of Electric Mobility Across the US.

Core Development Group, a leading clean energy company, has announced its recent accomplishments in building an electrified energy-transportation infrastructure network for the future. The company has implemented part of the largest EV fleet charging system in the Americas, with six thousand large-scale level 2 (L2) and hundreds of level 3 (L3) fast-charge systems, equaling approximately 6,000 total EV charging stations.

This milestone achievement has been possible due to Core Development Group’s partnership with a large U.S. retailer to design, engineer, procure, and construct an electrified energy-transportation infrastructure network. The network includes 250 EV chargers per installation location, spread across 23 large commercial and industrial locations in the United States.

The implementation of such a vast network of EV chargers is a significant step towards promoting the adoption of electric vehicles and clean energy. With the increasing demand for EVs, there is a pressing need to expand the infrastructure to accommodate the charging needs of these vehicles. The partnership between Core Development Group and the U.S. retailer has made a significant contribution in this regard.

Equipping utility-scale feeder equipment, which is not typically used for distribution centers or other commercial buildings, presents a significant challenge for this project. While a typical commercial building may be capable of accommodating the electrical load of approximately ten L2 chargers, scaling up the installation to hundreds of EV chargers per location requires a high level of expertise, experience, and coordination between all project stakeholders.

To tackle this challenge and achieve large-scale EV charging installations, Core Development has collaborated closely with more than 20 different local electric utility companies across 12 states. This partnership has helped to power the electric fleet and support corporate sustainability goals, such as reducing carbon emissions. The installation locations of these EV chargers span the entire United States, with a broad geographic footprint that ranges from California to Massachusetts to Florida.

Core Development Group has established a reputation for its expertise in helping a diverse range of clients streamline the process of designing, evaluating, funding, and implementing organizational EV charging projects. The company has worked with a wide range of clients, including companies, municipalities, universities, automobile manufacturers and dealerships, and school districts for school bus electrification.

The Group’s extensive experience also includes electrifying EV charging solutions for various locations, such as warehouses, parking garages, old or new surface employee parking lots, urban parking garages, corporate office parks, multi-level parking areas, and industrial trucking locations. Each organization and property requires a unique approach, and the company’s diverse experience is essential in handling EV charging projects differently. This approach is what sets Core Development Group apart from its competitors.

Henry Cortes, CEO and Founder of Core Development Group, said: Understanding the transition to EV charging and associated federal, state, and local utility incentives is critical to navigating an economically favorable path forward. These regulatory insights have allowed us to help many organizations transition to cleaner energy options and support corporate ESG-type objectives. Helping organizations convert standard fleet vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) takes time, strategy, experience, and education.

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