BYD announces March and Q1 2023 delivery results.
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BYD announces March and Q1 2023 delivery results.

The BYD delivery results show 207,080 units of pure EV and PHEV deliveries in March and 264,647 pure EV deliveries in the first quarter of 2023.

BYD Pure EV and PHEV sales increased by 7% in March 2023 compared to February, as the company’s latest production and sales report reveals. According to the report, the Chinese automaker sold a total of 207,080 units of pure EVs and PHEVs in March 2023, with passenger cars accounting for 206,089 of these sales. The remaining vehicles sold were buses and trucks.

In Q1 2023, BYD’s total car sales reached 552,076 units, which is an increase of 90% compared to the same period last year. However, it represents a decrease of 19% compared to Q4 2022. The company’s pure EV sales reached 264,647 units, which is up 87% year-on-year and accounts for 48% of the total sales. On the other hand, PHEV sales for the same period reached 283,270 units, which is an increase of 90% compared to last year and accounts for 52% of the total sales.

In addition, BYD’s overseas sales of EVs saw an impressive growth, as the company sold 38,723 EVs in Q1, representing a 14-fold increase compared to the same period last year. Moreover, Denza, a high-end EV brand jointly owned by BYD and Mercedes Benz, sold 24,162 vehicles in 2023 Q1, an increase of 146% from Q4 2022.

These sales figures indicate a significant growth for BYD in the electric vehicle market, particularly for its pure EVs and PHEVs. It is also notable that the company’s overseas sales have seen a remarkable increase, demonstrating its expansion strategy beyond the domestic market.

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  1. I wish they would not total PHEV hybrids with actual EVS.
    EVS. Hybrids and ICE vehicles are the three categories people shop in.
    EVS have no sub-categories they are EV or they are not!
    Hybrids come in two varieties, normal or plug-in.
    ICE come in petrol (PULP or ULP) or diesel.

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