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BMW iX1 revealed, with 438 km range.

The BMW iX1 is an all-wheel-drive electric SAV with a top speed of 180 km/h.

BMW revealed its first all-wheel-drive electric premium compact SAV(Sports Activity Vehicle)- the BMW iX1.

The BMW iX1 has two motors- one at the front axle and another at the rear. These motors deliver a combined output of 230 kW/313hp and overall torque of 494 Nm.

This electric all-wheel-drive system helps the car reach the 100km/h mark from rest in 5.7 seconds. The top speed of the car is 180 km/h.

The 64.7 kWh high-voltage battery, positioned flat within the vehicle’s underbody, provides a range of 413-438 km. The energy density of the battery is 152 Wh/kg in relation to its weight or 199 Wh/l in relation to its volume.

The Combined Charging Unit in the iX1 xDrive30 enables single- and three-phase AC charging at a rate of up to 11 kW, which can be optionally increased to up to 22 kW (three-phase AC). This allows the high-voltage battery to be fully recharged from empty in 6.5 hours as standard and just 3 hours 45 minutes as an option.

A 130 kW DC fast charger can charge the battery from 10 to 80% of the total capacity in 29 minutes. Just 10 minutes of 130kW DC fast charging can increase the range by 120km.

Users can remotely control the charging of the high-voltage battery using the My BMW App.

BMW has not shared the full specifications and pricing of the iX1.

It will be revealed later.

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