Bird Global introduces new technologies to enhance rider experience and safety.
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Bird Global introduces new technologies to enhance rider experience and safety.

Bird offers Global Google Maps Integration, an Enhanced Visual Parking System, and Age Verification Tools, with more innovations to come.

Bird Global, Inc., a leader in environmentally friendly electric transportation, has announced a suite of technology solutions designed to meet the needs of its city partners. The new technologies are designed and integrated into the Bird rider experience to encourage safe and compliant riding and parking.

One of Bird’s new product solutions is Global Google Maps Integration. This integration is critical to incentivize mode shift away from cars and into more sustainable options. Riders in Canada and Europe will soon be able to see Bird vehicle locations within Google Maps, making it easier to find available scooters nearby.

Another solution is the Enhanced Bird Visual Parking System, which was first unveiled in May 2022. This technology enables Bird to geo-localize parked scooters and e-bikes with pinpoint accuracy by leveraging years of Google 3D scanning, augmented reality (AR) technology, and Street View data from around the world. Riders are guided to designated parking spots nearby using wayfinding guidance in their Bird app, helping ensure cleaner sidewalks and a smoother rider experience. This technology is currently live in select cities around the world, including California, Tel Aviv, Malaga, Rome, Perth, and Vienna.

Bird is also rolling out a new age verification tool in select cities around the U.S. to allow riders to verify that they are of the locally permitted age to rent and ride a scooter. Using Amazon AWS Rekognition, riders can scan their government-issued ID or take a selfie for age verification. This provides a smoother rider experience by providing choice in verification methods and also helps expand equitable access to transportation.

Two additional technologies are in development and will be launched this year. One is the Double Riding Detection feature, which will send alerts to riders if there are two people on a single scooter, helping facilitate a safer ride experience. The other is Camera-Equipped Vehicles, which will better support computer vision technologies, including parking and lane detection, as well as enhance sidewalk riding detection.

To achieve our mission of providing eco-friendly transportation to all, it’s critical that we continue to invest in technology and product solutions that meet the needs of our city partners,” said Shane Torchiana, CEO, Bird. “We’ve come a long way since we started this category in 2017, but still have a great deal more to do; by making it easier to find a scooter, park a scooter, ride compliantly, and do so safely, we’ll continue advancing access to micromobility in hundreds of communities around the world.”

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