Bird Global expands shared E-Scooter fleet in Greater Toronto Area.
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Bird Global expands shared E-Scooter fleet in Greater Toronto Area.

Bird will launch 1,000 top-of-the-line E-Scooters in Hamilton, Brampton, and Oshawa, with full riding and parking rules available on city websites.

Bird Global, a leading provider of environmentally friendly electric transportation, is expanding its presence in Canada with the launch of shared e-scooter fleets in three cities in the Greater Toronto Area this Spring. The company has been selected as the exclusive operator of shared e-scooters in the City of Hamilton, and will also operate in Brampton and Oshawa in the coming weeks.

The selection of Bird followed rigorous RFP processes in which the company was chosen based on its commitment to safe, sustainable, and reliable transportation. The new markets will expand on Bird’s already impressive footprint in Canada, where it is the biggest shared micromobility operator, and a leader around the world.

The company already operates in five cities in Ontario, including Ottawa and Windsor, as well as 11 other cities across Canada. Bird’s expansion into these new markets will build on its already full year-EBITDA positive operations in Canada.

Bird will join the City of Hamilton for a launch event on April 3rd at 12:30pm ET at City Hall. Members of Hamilton City Council and Stewart Lyons, President of Bird, will make remarks during the event. Riders attending the event will be able to receive a free helmet, ride scooters, and ask any questions of Bird team members and Bird’s Safe Street Patrol.

Bird Global is set to introduce its latest and most eco-friendly vehicle, the Bird Three, in Hamilton, Brampton, and Oshawa. The company will bring 450 of these top-of-the-line shared electric scooters to Hamilton, 250 to Brampton, and 300 to Oshawa. Scooters will be available at various locations throughout each city.

The Bird Three comes with a number of safety, sustainability, and design features that include a longer footboard for a more comfortable riding experience, industry-leading IP68-rated batteries, and a suite of safety features. Each city’s website will provide full riding and parking rules for these scooters.

Since its launch in Canada in 2019, Bird has seen its riders take over three million trips, covering more than eight million kilometers. This has resulted in a reduction of 316,483 liters of gasoline usage and over 2,150 metric tons of CO2 emissions in just four years. In 2022, thousands of Bird Canada riders helped avoid 552,810 car journeys by opting for e-scooters or e-bikes, contributing to a more sustainable transportation future.

Since our earliest days, we’ve been committed to partnering with cities to expand access to reliable, sustainable transportation through shared micromobility programs and expanding in the Greater Toronto Area has long been a high priority for us,” said Stewart Lyons, President, Bird. “I was born and raised in Ontario so I’m thrilled to see us expanding in the province, enabling people to use Bird to commute, explore the region, and connect with transit. We extend our sincere gratitude to the City of Hamilton, the City of Brampton, and the City of Oshawa for their thoughtful and innovative approaches to establishing these programs and collaborating on frameworks that will help ensure each program’s success.”

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