New EV concept of Tata Motors
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Avinya- Tata Motors new 3rd gen EV concept.

Avinya, the new concept, is based on a Pure EV architecture, and it will come to market by 2025.

Tata Motors unveiled its 3rd generation electric vehicle concept- Avinya. It is built on a Pure EV architecture. The global unveiling of the Avinya concept is a huge leap for Tata Motors toward the next generation of EVs.

Avinya is a Sanskrit word that means Innovation, and it is what the company believes its new concept is.

Avinya comes with new-age technology, software, and Artificial Intelligence that work in the background to provide an extremely premium and calming customer experience.

Tata Motors will launch a new breed of EVs based on the Avinya concept. Avinya will come to market by 2025.

Avinya Design

The AVINYA Concept is an uncompromising vision of Tata for electric mobility. By combining elements from SUVs, MPVs, and Premium hatches, Tata has created a vehicle that offers practicality, versatility, and dynamic elegance.

The purpose of the bright and spacious interior is to assure calm and an enjoyable sensory experience. The steering wheel combines a digital console to give the driver access to all the relevant information. There is no screen on the front to have no distractions inside the car and create a stress-free environment for the mind and soul.
The soundbar takes centre stage to provide the passengers an interface to have a natural conversation with the vehicle. Each seat in the car has a personal sound system and air vent.

The aroma difuser is integrated into the centre console to create an ambience and a serene atmosphere for the passengers.

The PURE EV architecture

The Pure EV Architecture of this concept offers a flexible design with a combination of next-generation connectivity, advanced driver assistance systems, and enhanced performance and efficiency.

This Avinya concept is built with the use of next-gen materials, efficient electronic componentry, and proprietary energy management strategies & algorithms for efficiency management. The use of light-weight materials, and optimized structure for an EV-only powertrain, helps minimize the overall mass, leading to good weight management. Furthermore, the battery used will support an ultra-fast charge capability, in line with the infrastructure evolution, pumping a minimum 500 km range in under 30 minutes.

Official statements

Speaking at this landmark occasion, Mr. N Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons and Tata Motors, said, While making the AVINYA Concept a reality, the central idea was to offer a mobility solution like no other – a state of the art software on wheels that is well designed, sustainable and reduces the planet’s carbon footprint. Green Mobility is at the nucleus of TPEM, and the AVINYA Concept is the perfect reflection of what the company stands for – a creation that will not only accelerate the adoption of EVs but also lead this movement. Furthermore, at the Tata group, we are uniquely positioned to bring all the expertise that is necessary to build these mobility solutions, and we are confident that in years to come we will make a larger and sustainable impact not only in India but globally as well.”

Adding to this, Mr. Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd., and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. said, “It is indeed a matter of pride for us at TPEM to present the AVINYA Concept to the world, a vision pivotal in signaling a ‘New Paradigm’. Holding on to its values of Simplicity, Timelessness, Effortlessness, and Grace, the AVINYA is not only a concept but is our new identity, an identity that is here to challenge the status quo. It gives me an intense sense of optimism to present a new typology of vehicles that will introduce the automobile industry to options beyond mobility – a tranquil space that will offer you a complete sensory experience while on the move. At its heart, the AVINYA Concept has ‘IN’, which demonstrates our Indian roots and highlights how we pride ourselves in discovering new ways to move and power vehicles. The AVINYA Concept is the fruition of our first idea built on our Pure EV GEN 3 architecture, enabling us to produce a range of globally competitive EVs.

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