Audi manufacturing plant in Changchun China
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Audi starts constructing a new manufacturing plant in Changchun, China, for EVs.

All-electric Audi models based on Premium Platform Electric (PPE) technology will be made in the new Audi FAW NEV manufacturing plant.

The Audi FAW NEV company in China has started the construction of its new manufacturing unit in Changchun.

Audi FAW NEV is a joint venture between Audi and Chinese automobile company FAW for the joint production of electric vehicles based on the PPE platform. Under this partnership, Audi FAW will produce all-electric cars in China.

The construction of the new production site has now begun. The factory is designed to produce 150,000 vehicles annually, and the construction is set to finish by the end of 2024. The cars produced here will be based on the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) technology.

The factory will be spread across 150 hectares and consist of 20 buildings. In addition to a press shop, body shop, paint shop, and vehicle assembly line, there will also be a battery assembly facility, where Audi will manufacture the high-voltage batteries used in its China-specific PPE models. This new plant will create 3,000 new jobs in Changchun.

The new site will also serve as the headquarters of the Audi FAW NEV Company, which is responsible for production. The company is the first cooperation company with a majority interest held by Audi in China. Audi is investing around 2.6 billion euros in the overall project, which encompasses both the creation of the company and the construction of the production plant.

Helmut Stettner, CEO of the Audi FAW NEV Company, said: We are combining the best of two worlds. We are bringing together AUDI AG’s know-how from over a century of automotive history and the comprehensive expertise of our long-standing Chinese partner FAW in a new, ultramodern company with a production site. This is also reflected in the numerous smart manufacturing technologies that the two partners are bringing together in the new factory.

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