Ather Energy slashes price of 450X electric scooter and Discontinues 450 Plus variant.
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Ather Energy slashes price of 450X electric scooter, Discontinues 450 Plus variant.

Ather has introduced a Pro Pack which offers premium features like fast charging, ride modes, and Google Maps at an extra cost.

Ather Energy, the Bangalore-based electric scooter manufacturer, has recently announced a significant reduction in the price of its 450X model. The electric scooter is now available for ₹1,45,000 (ex-showroom, Bengaluru). This is a reduction of ₹15,000 from its previous price of ₹1,60,000.

Along with the reduction in price, the company has discontinued the 450 Plus variant from the lineup. The 450X model is now the only scooter available from the brand. Instead, Ather Energy has introduced a Pro pack for the 450X model that offers several features that were previously only available as standard.

If a customer chooses to purchase the 450X without the Pro pack, they will still receive all of the scooter’s hardware, including the same battery and motor, ensuring that the core characteristics of the Ather 450X remain uncompromised. However, they will miss out on features such as fast charging, ride modes, TFT touchscreen, tyre pressure monitor, Google Maps, Hill assist, park assist, and a five-year battery warranty. Instead of a colour screen, they will receive a 7-inch greyscale display.

The price of the Ather 450X without the Pro pack is ₹1,14,636 (ex-showroom, Bengaluru). The Pro pack, which includes all the additional features mentioned above, costs ₹30,364.

Price of Ather 450X (ex-showroom, Bengaluru):

  • With Pro Pack - ₹1,45,000
  • Without Pro Pack - ₹1,14,636

This move by Ather Energy is aimed at making the electric scooter more affordable and accessible to customers. With the price reduction, the company hopes to attract more customers and increase its market share in the highly competitive electric scooter market in India.

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