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Ather Energy launches Ather Labs.

It is a platform to experiment with new software features, get feedback, and be better aligned to the needs of the customers.

Electric two-wheeler maker Ather Energy has launched a new platform- Ather Labs.

Ather Labs is a platform where Ather will experiment with new software features & let owners decide if it works or not.

If a feature is a hit, then the company will develop it fully for users.

Ather Energy launches Ather Labs.

Swapnil Jain, the co-founder of Ather, tweeted, “To enable the faster idea to feature conversion we have started Ather labs. This allows us to experiment faster, get feedback faster, and be better aligned to the needs of the customers. In the end, customers choose what they would like to try from a bunch of early ideas.”

Ather Labs savings
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Goal Tracker is the first release of Ather Labs. It tracks all your petrol savings, CO2 savings, or km driven. You can set your own goal and track them over the week.

To check out this feature, you have to update your Ather app, check out the section titled Ather Labs on the app homepage and turn on the savings tracker feature. It will start calculating from the time you turn it on.

Some of the Ather owners are already using it and sharing their savings.

Ather Energy launches Ather Labs.
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New Ather Electric Scooter

Ather is developing a new electric scooter under Rs 1 lakh. It will be the entry-level scooter for Ather.
Speaking to AutoCar Professional, Ravneet Phokela, chief business officer, Ather Energy, said, “We are already working on a product that will come at a price point lower than the 450 Plus. That’s a few months away, and you understand that the decision and to roll out a product it takes 18-24 months. The idea is to consolidate the scooter market, unlocking more segments than we do today, by way of price points and importantly in new states. It is a journey to keep adding products as we go along, because we have our platform; we have very strong control on costs. And when you have strong control over costs, then you have control over price. Honestly, we are not thinking about reducing the pricing, but focus on how we bring new products which is an ongoing journey.”

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