Ather 450X gets software upgrade and 4 new colours.
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Ather 450X gets software upgrade and 4 new colours.

Ather launched a new UI, improved navigation, auto hold feature, Battery Protect program, a new seat, 4 new colours for 450X, and a new charger for its owners living in apartments.

Ather organised its Community Day event today in Bengaluru. At the event, Ather rolled out its biggest software update - the Ather Stack 5 and launched four new colours of the 450X electric scooter.

The Ather Stack 5 adds new technology and features to the scooters. It will also improve the UI and riding experience. The major updates in the AtherStack 5.0 are as follows:

  • New User Interface - Ather’s new UI is inspired by smartphones. The dashboard layout is completely changed now. The launch screen provides all the information a rider needs. The launch screen will show Range details, Riding Mode, Navigation, and Music. The new UI improves the user experience and is easier to use.
  • Improved Navigation - Ather introduced vector maps in its scooter. Vector map is the same technology used in the Google Map smartphone app. It enables features like Zooming In/Out, Screen Rotating, Layering, and Perspective Change. The navigation also shows Live Traffic now.
  • New Ride Experiences - With the new update, Ather launched the Auto Hold feature. By using this feature, the scooter can be held on slopy surfaces without having to apply the brakes. The company will also launch Cruise Control, Crawl Control, and Advanced Regen soon.
  • New Trip Planner - The new trip planner enables planning multi-stop trips. It shows all the charging locations and helps the rider find the right charger on the route.
  • Extended Warranty - Ather launched the Battery Protect program, which is two years of additional warranty. It extends the warranty to five years/60,000 km. It includes 100% coverage of any electrical failures on the battery pack. The company is also offering a Performance Guarantee, which guarantees a minimum of 70% performance even at the end of five years. It also provides Deep Discharge Protection. Ather Battery Protect is standard with the new 450X and is available at a discounted price for existing owners.

Ather also launched a new charger called Ather Neighbourhood Charging for owners living in apartments. It can be installed in Apartment Complexes, Parking lots, Offices, etc. It is a universal 3.3kW AC charger that can charge all 2W, 3W, and 4W EVs. These chargers allow users to scan and pay with ease, and the hosts are automatically paid by the company.

Ather is also expanding its fast-charging network in India. Currently, the company has 900 fast chargers across the country and plans to increase it to 1300 by March 2023.

Ather launched a new seat for its scooters. The new seat is narrower in the front, flatter in the middle, steeper at the back, and 14% thicker. All the owners who attended the Community Day event will get a free new seat.

Ather also launched four new colour options for the 450X electric scooters. The new colours are Luna Grey, Cosmic Black, True Red, and Salt Green.

At the end of the event, Ather launched an upgrade plan for its 450 owners. The company is offering an upgrade to 450X for ₹80,000 to owners with more than three years old 450, and for ₹70,000 to owners with less than three years old 450 electric scooters.

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