Aston Martin partners with Lucid to get access to its proprietary electric powertrain technology.
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Aston Martin partners with Lucid to get access to its proprietary electric powertrain technology.

Lucid and Aston Martin enter long-term partnership for the integration and supply of Lucid’s electric vehicle powertrain and battery systems in contracts worth in excess of $450M.

Lucid Group and Aston Martin have joined forces to establish a long-term strategic technology partnership aimed at bolstering Aston Martin’s foray into high-performance electrification. Lucid Group, known for its cutting-edge electric powertrain technology, will lend its expertise to Aston Martin, catapulting the iconic British brand into the future of automotive innovation.

The partnership, a first-of-its-kind for Lucid Group, will grant Aston Martin exclusive access to Lucid’s in-house engineered and manufactured electric powertrain technology. This breakthrough development paves the way for Aston Martin’s future battery electric vehicles to be powered by world-leading electric powertrain systems developed by Lucid.

Under the agreement, Lucid will provide Aston Martin with not only its advanced electric powertrain technologies but also technical support in integrating these proprietary systems into an all-new electric vehicle platform designed by Aston Martin. Additionally, Lucid will supply key components to support Aston Martin’s electrification efforts.

Lucid’s acclaimed ultra-high performance twin motor drive unit, renowned battery technology, and revolutionary Wunderbox will be at the core of this partnership. The twin motor rear drive unit boasts impressive power and torque vectoring capabilities, surpassing what can be achieved with a passive all-wheel-drive system. Notably, Lucid’s electric motors incorporate groundbreaking features such as microjet stator cooling, wave winding, new heat exchanger technology, heightened coolant flow rate, and an upgraded battery system that enhances power and thermal management.

Aston Martin’s decision to select Lucid Group as its technology partner followed a rigorous competitive process, underscoring the latter’s outstanding reputation in the electric powertrain space. The collaboration between these two automotive powerhouses holds the promise of reshaping the future of high-performance electric vehicles.

This partnership not only accelerates Aston Martin’s electrification strategy but also marks a significant milestone in Lucid Group’s expansion beyond its own luxury electric vehicle offerings. By sharing their technological expertise, the companies aim to push the boundaries of electric mobility, ensuring that future Aston Martin models offer thrilling performance while embracing sustainable transportation.

The aim of the partnership is to accelerate Aston Martin’s journey towards launching its inaugural pure electric model by 2025.

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