Ampere partners with Royal Challengers Bangalore as their official EV partner for this IPL.
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Ampere partners with Royal Challengers Bangalore as their official EV partner for this IPL.

Ampere electric vehicles will launch a limited-edition Primus electric scooter with a Royal Challengers Bangalore theme.

In an exciting collaboration, electric vehicle manufacturer Ampere has teamed up with Royal Challengers Bangalore as their official EV partner for the upcoming season of IPL. This partnership is not only a great opportunity for Ampere to showcase its commitment to sustainable mobility but also for Royal Challengers Bangalore, the world’s first carbon-positive cricket franchise, to further its eco-friendly agenda.

As part of this collaboration, the cheerleader squad of Royal Challengers Bangalore will undergo a unique transformation and will now be referred to as the ‘Ampere Take Charge Squad.’ Their outfits and musical instruments will be made entirely of sustainable materials and upcycled scrap, further reflecting the shared commitment towards a greener future.

In addition to this, Ampere Electric Vehicles will launch a limited edition RCB-themed Primus electric scooter, and each home match will feature an Ampere Electrifying Player of the Match who will receive the limited-edition Primus as an award. The collaboration also involves giving away special signed team merchandise and memorabilia to contest winners.

The Har Gully Electric campaign of Ampere will also extend to the Har Gully Cricket theme, featuring star RCB players, which will evoke nostalgia about gully cricket that the country is known to enjoy. Ampere customers will get an enhanced T20 experience, with cricket-themed retail experiences, interesting on-ground activations, and more.

This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for Ampere to engage with cricket enthusiasts, while also demonstrating its commitment to sustainability. With the limited-edition RCB-themed Primus electric scooter and the Ampere Electrifying Player of the Match award, it is sure to grab the attention of cricket lovers and EV enthusiasts alike.

Commenting on this collaboration, Sanjay Behl, CEO & Executive Director, Greaves Electric Mobility Private Ltd, said: “We are excited to announce our collaboration with the Royal Challengers Bangalore, as our values and purpose for sustainability are perfectly aligned. Cricket is a democratic game and is a religion in India. Collaboration with cricket helps us to connect with our customer’s at large, while we continue to democratise smart & sustainable mobility solutions, through our range of electric 2 wheelers for the masses. Our anthem to make Har Gully Electric, and inspire the community towards building a better planet is intimately tied to the culture of Har Gully Cricket.”

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