Amazon to use TVS electric scooters for last-mile deliveries in India.
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Amazon to use TVS electric scooters for last-mile deliveries in India.

Amazon India and TVS have partnered to deploy electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers for last-mile deliveries.

Amazon India and TVS Motor Company signed an MoU to scale EV deployment and strengthen their commitment to achieving net-zero carbon. As per the partnership terms, Amazon India will use a fleet of TVS electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers for last-mile deliveries.

The two companies have also agreed to work together to examine EV use cases for various Amazon business groups for its network and logistical requirements. To test solutions, the two companies will pilot TVS Motor’s electric vehicle solutions through partner bases and delivery associates across India.

In 2020, Amazon India announced that it would include 10,000 EVs in its delivery fleet by 2025. This partnership with TVS is in line with Amazon’s commitment. It is an important step in Amazon India’s progress in the e-mobility industry and towards achieving its net-zero carbon goals.

This partnership is also in line with TVS Motor’s announcements aiming to have electric vehicles across segments like delivery, commuter, and premium. TVS Motor Company will introduce a full portfolio of electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers over a period of eight quarters in the domestic and international markets. It will further be instrumental in expanding and strengthening the company’s focus on presence across all major cities, charging solutions, and alternate ownership models in India.

Abhinav Singh, Director - Customer Fulfilment, Supply Chain and Global Specialty Fulfilment, Amazon India, said: The collaboration marks another decisive step for Amazon to achieve our goal of becoming net-zero carbon by 2040, as part of our commitment to The Climate Pledge. Electric mobility is a significant component of our business operations, and we are resolute in our commitment to transforming our transportation network to serve our customers more sustainably. Our collaboration with TVS Motor strengthens our delivery network by adding electric two and three-wheelers to our existing fleet. This will support our supply chain in minimising the environmental impact of our operations and contribute to Amazon India’s goal of inducting 10,000 EVs into our fleet by 2025.

Speaking on the collaboration, Manu Saxena, Senior Vice President of Future Mobility, TVS Motor Company said: “We have always been at the forefront of driving electrification in the industry with our continued focus in the two-wheeler and three-wheeler segment. With the great success of TVS iQube Electric, we now intend to expand our electric offering across multiple segments, and commercial mobility stands at the opportune inflection point. TVS Motor is now ready with electric two-wheeler and three-wheeler product options for B2B, along with an ecosystem of connected service and alternate ownership. We are happy to collaborate with Amazon India, which marks a big milestone in our journey and contributes to our joint goals of electrifying their mobility services. We are confident that this collaboration will open the door to creative solutions that will further nurture a more resilient, sustainable, and brighter future.”

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