After Ford, GM to get access to Tesla Superchargers in North America.
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After Ford, GM to get access to Tesla Superchargers in North America.

GM customers will be able to access 12,000 Tesla Superchargers and growing beginning in early 2024.

General Motors Co. revealed a strategic collaboration with Tesla that will revolutionize the electric vehicle charging landscape in North America. As part of this partnership, GM plans to integrate the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector design into its EVs starting in 2025. This move aims to enhance charging accessibility for GM EV drivers and reinforce the company’s commitment to expanding charging infrastructure across various settings.

One of the key highlights of this collaboration is the expanded access to charging for GM EV drivers at Tesla Superchargers. With over 12,000 Tesla Superchargers already in operation throughout North America, GM customers will soon have the convenience of utilizing this vast charging network. Initially, an adapter will be required for GM EV drivers to use the Tesla Supercharger Network, starting in 2024. However, beginning in 2025, the first GM EVs will be equipped with a NACS inlet, allowing direct access to Tesla Superchargers without the need for an adapter.

To further enhance the charging experience, GM will integrate the Tesla Supercharger Network into its vehicle and mobile apps. This integration will empower GM EV drivers to locate, pay for, and initiate charging at available Tesla Superchargers seamlessly. Such a user-friendly approach aims to streamline the charging process and eliminate any hurdles for EV owners.

This collaboration between General Motors and Tesla also marks a significant milestone in promoting interoperability between different charging standards. GM plans to make adapters available for drivers of NACS-enabled vehicles, enabling them to charge on CCS-capable fast charge stations. This step underscores the industry’s efforts to create a cohesive charging infrastructure that caters to various EV models, regardless of their charging standard.

The partnership between GM and Tesla complements GM’s existing initiatives to expand charging access. Through the Ultium Charge 360 program and mobile apps, GM has already provided access to over 134,000 chargers for its EV drivers. Additionally, collaborations with Pilot Company and EVgo will add more than 5,000 DC fast chargers to the existing network in North America. Moreover, GM plans to deploy community chargers across the United States and Canada, further enhancing charging convenience for its customers.

By joining forces with Tesla, GM gains access to one of the largest integrated networks of high-power charging stations in North America. This collaboration signifies the willingness of industry leaders to set aside competitive barriers and work together to address the fundamental challenge of charging infrastructure development. As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to grow, partnerships like these will play a crucial role in supporting the expanding EV ecosystem and ensuring a seamless charging experience for all.

“Our vision of the all-electric future means producing millions of world-class EVs across categories and price points, while creating an ecosystem that will accelerate mass EV adoption,” said GM Chair and CEO Mary Barra. “This collaboration is a key part of our strategy and an important next step in quickly expanding access to fast chargers for our customers. Not only will it help make the transition to electric vehicles more seamless for our customers, but it could help move the industry toward a single North American charging standard.”

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